Saturday, October 22, 2011

All Saints Fall Bazar 2011

Hey there everyone! I just participated in an awesome craft show!

Here's a close-up of my booth:

I sold several peices, and I'll be posting the rest on my Etsy shop here.

Here are the peices that I have for sale:

Here is the kokeshi doll I sold:

I also have some needle felted animals:

I sold the golden retriever Buddy, and the Japanese bobtail Koki.
The other three are still available though! They each come with a little story.

I also have some prototype dolls I've been working on :

A Shaolin monk, and a girl from the 50's! These two were not for sale, because I changed some things about the patterns after I had finished making them. I should have the final versions completed soon!

I also made this doll:

She was so cute I couldn't bear to part with her! I will be making another one though incase anyone is interested!

I'm also working on some custom peices and will post some pictures soon!

Love ya!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Here are some photos of one of my favorite sets!

It's the Prince, or one of the Cousins, and a magnetic Katamari!
I've been thinking of making another set like this that comes with the character, Katamari, and magnetic people, animals, etc.

 The cat in these next two photos is named Wookie. She is my friend's cat, and I love her very much.
Wookie is not one of the magnetic animals I made.

Hope you like them!

Love ya!

Starting with a BANG!

What's up! Welcome to the first post on my crochet blog! Other than being the artist behind The Cartoons Bar, a full-time student, and just an all around badass, I am an avid crocheter.

I started this blog to keep all of you who are fans of my work, or interested in ordering a custom peice from me, informed on my chrochet, progress on projects, and other news.
I'm super excited!
I really hope you all enjoy your visit to Playing Hooky!

Now without further ado here is what happened this weekend:

One of my best friends, Juli, had ordered a few peices; a Companion Cube (from the game Portal) for herself, and a Squirtle and a pokeball set for her boyfriend Michael.

They turned out great! And I'm pretty sure they really liked the finished peices which is awesome!
I always love it when people like what I make them.

And the best part?


And then, This happened:

Love Ya!